20 Kitchen Organization Tips

One of the many issues people have is learning how to keep things organized in their households. You might live […]

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One of the many issues people have is learning how to keep things organized in their households. You might live in a home where your objects have nowhere specific to go, or things are generally cluttered, and you need to change.

Other times, it is a matter of how you feel mentally or physically. However, now is when you are ready to get things back in order. In that case, you may be looking for ideas for keeping your kitchen organized and tidy. If so, what are some ways you can?

You can be creative with how to organize your kitchen. Still, the best ways to do so are decluttering, finding a home for particular objects, and investing in some bins to ensure everything is nicely put away. Not only that but doing these things will give you peace of mind.

In this article, we will go over 20 different ways to organize your kitchen. Afterward, we will discuss some frequently asked questions. Continue reading for more information.

What Are Some Amazing Kitchen Organization Tips?

Here we have come up with 20 different ways to organize your kitchen. With these tips and tricks, your kitchen will be in tip-top shape in no time!

1. Declutter Your Kitchen

The very first step you will do is declutter your kitchen. Doing so keeps everything that is unnecessary or wanted away from space that can be used for something else.

For example, if you have 3 of the same cooking utensils or collect different cups that may or may not be used, eliminate them as you will not have enough storage space for everything.

2. Keep Similar Items Together & Group Them in Bins

When you store like items together, finding exactly what you need will be much easier. You can do this by investing in some shoes or large storage bins. This would be perfect when decluttering as well. That way, you know exactly what you have and determine what to eliminate and keep.

3. Add Labels to Everything

Labeling is everything when it comes to organizing. Labels will help you know what you have and where things are. Here are some excellent reusable household labels you can purchase for an affordable price.

4. Use the Back of the Cabinet Doors for Extra Space

If you are tight on space, try using the back of your cabinet doors for extra storage space. You can easily invest in a magazine file holder and put your tin foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, etc. Another option is to purchase a pot and pan lid organizer to keep the lids off the cabinet floors.

5. Add Riser Shelves to Maximize Space

One way to maximize your cabinet space is to add wire riser shelves inside. Many people lack storage space, especially if you live in a small home, so ensuring you use every inch is critical. Try these solid shelves to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

7. Purchase a Caddy for Cleaning Products

Many households have cleaning products that can quickly get disorganized. In that case, we recommend getting a cleaning caddy or two.

This particular one can hold cleaning supplies with ease. We also recommend going through all of your cleaning products and ensuring there are no doubles of something you already have. If you do not want a cleaning caddy, consider investing in these under-the-sink organizers.

8. Provide Everything a Specific Place in the Fridge

If things in your fridge are not visible, it is tough to remember you recently bought it. After a while, they go bad, especially fresh fruits and veggies.

However, when you put everything in a specific place, it is easier to find and see. You can put your fresh fruit and veggies in see-through stackable containers or a large fridge organizer.

9. Use Hooks on a Rail to Keep Utensils or Towels Nearby

Hooks on rails are an excellent way to keep your utensils or towels near you. For example, if you are finished washing the dishes and need to put your long towel out to dry, consider investing in a rod and some hooks.

On the other hand, some people do not wish to put their utensils in a drawer, so having them conveniently out would be best. Not only are you saving drawer space, but you are saving time and not rummaging through what you have.

10. “File” Pans and Cutting Boards Together

If you have never considered using a filing organizer to help keep your cutting boards and pans organized, think again. These come in handy and will keep it out of the way when visitors come by. Not only that, but you have something extremely affordable to ensure some of your pots and pans are nicely put away.

11. Use Stackable Drawers for Homes With Less Storage Space

Stackable drawers are a lifesaver in homes with less storage space. I use them all over my home, and it works wonders. Also, if you take the top off of a 3-piece drawer, you can easily stack more on top of it.

When purchasing them, keep your bread, washcloths, flour, seasonings, and other similar items inside to ensure you get to maximize space. Take the wheels off if you want it in one specific place.

12. Invest in a Baker’s Rack

One of the best investments I made was purchasing a baker’s rack. It is extremely durable and can keep small appliances on there, such as the coffee machine, toaster, air fryer, and more. Also, if you love baking, it is perfect for all your baking needs.

However, one thing to consider is how tall and wide it is, so measure it before purchasing. This specific one is simplistic and does well in small spaces. However, make sure to shop around for anything aesthetically pleasing if that is your cup of tea.

13. Use a Cake Stand to Keep the Sink Area Decluttered

A major issue you might run into is knowing where to put your dish soap, scrubbers, and sponges. Not only that, but you would want your objects off the ground to ensure it does not create a bunch of mold. In that case, purchase these cake stands for an aesthetically pleasing but organized countertop. If you want something that is rust-proof, consider getting this sink organizer.

14. Invest in an Over-The-Sink Dish Rack

For those who do not have a dishwasher, having an over-the-sink drying rack is a game changer. You can air-dry the dishes without stacking them on top of each other. Plus, it does wonders if you want to keep your sink area decluttered but do not want anything on the countertops. Even if your dishwasher works well, it can still help.

15. Add Drawer Liners to Protect Drawers

Adding drawer liners is optional but extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. You can purchase some durable, non-adhesive ones online in different sizes.

16. Keep Kid Dishes Down Low Inside a Bin

As your kids get older, they want more independence. In that case, keep your kid’s dishes within arm’s reach inside a cabinet or drawer. You can put each item in shoe boxes or something similar. For example, put the bowls in one box while the plates go in another. Another thing you can do is put their utensils in a specific cup to help keep things organized.

17. Install a Pull-Out Pantry

If you can, install a pull-out pantry. If you want to give yourself or your kid snacks throughout the day but do not feel like going inside a large pantry to grab the item, having one conveniently placed near your fridge but looks like a part of your kitchen cabinets is an excellent idea. This might not be ideal for most homes, but if you can pull it off, that is wonderful!

18. Make a Slide-Out Prep Station

Yet another DIY project you can do is making a slide-out prep station. Some households do not have enough counter space, so having that option will help you tremendously. Just make sure to create a small hole and space underneath for a small trash can. That way, you can quickly put all the scraps in one place. If you have a compost area outside, tossing it outside would be much easier.

19. Use Shoe Boxes for Storing Things Inside

We briefly reviewed this above, but using shoe boxes to store things inside and place them on top of the fridge, inside cabinets, or inside shelves is an excellent way to keep things organized. 

For example, if you want some tools to be nearby for convenience, put specific tools in the shoe box and put them somewhere you know you can easily find them. Another example is putting all your medicine in one shoe box (if you keep it in the kitchen) and placing it high up, away from children and animals.

20. Consider Pot Racks for Your Walls or Pantry

Have you ever seen kitchens where the pots and pans hang from the ceiling? Another example is hanging from the wall, like this one.

If you wish to have more cabinet space for other objects within your kitchen (like smaller appliances), consider investing in a pot rack. Not only can you hang pots and pans, but if you have space, it can also act doubly for your utensils.

Where Should Everything Go in Kitchen Cabinets?

Everything should be stored close by where you use them the most. For example, if you are prepping your veggies and fruit, keep the trash can nearby to ensure you can throw said scraps away. Another example is to keep your pots and pans near your oven. It would not make sense to put them across the room. Running back and forth would be tiresome if you need to get another pot out.

What Should I Store Above My Fridge?

There are many ways you can maximize above your fridge. You can store some food boxes or turn it into something beautiful, like adding a house plant above. Here are some examples on what you can do:

  • Putting a house plant and storage basket
  • Create custom shelves for cookbooks and wine
  • Add beadboards instead of shelves above the space
  • Add a small shelf for pantry food jars
  • Create a wine rack
  • Add rustic wood shelves for decorations
  • Store your mixer and put a plant above

Organizing Can Be Fun

Have fun when you organize and be creative! You never know what kind of things you will figure out yourself when you sit down and get rid of stuff. Organizing your kitchen will give you peace of mind and change your mood. It is nice when you know exactly where things go. Remember to keep up with the changes and continue with the rest of your home!

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