5 Best Kitchen Knives Made in the USA

Kitchen knives may be just one of many investments you make in your culinary journey. Still, they give you the […]

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Kitchen knives may be just one of many investments you make in your culinary journey. Still, they give you the cutting edge when it comes down to making a meal with precision and speed that is bursting with flavor and gives you some much-needed downtime between being directly near your stove and relaxing.

In the culinary world, one of the many things we may focus on is what the best kitchen knives are. After all, you only want the best of the best. However, if you are looking into a more American-made product, you have come to the right place. So, what are the best kitchen knives in the United States?

Although there are many knife brands to choose from, here are our five top contenders when it comes to cutting food in your kitchen:

  • Rada Cutlery knives 
  • Alfi all-purpose knives
  • Dexter-Russell 3-pack knife set
  • CUTCO set of 4 knives
  • Lamson kitchen knives

This article covers what these knives can do and what you should look for while shopping. Overall, you want to ensure you get the best, especially so it can last a relatively long time, making it more worth purchasing in the long run.

What Are the Best Kitchen Knives Made in the USA?

The best kitchen knives are affordable and dependable. The five selected below manage to hit this criterion and also have a little extra value in the packages that they are purchased with. Whether it comes as a set or with extra sharpeners, these knives will fill your needs.

1. Rada Cutlery Knives

Rada sells some of the most diverse kitchen knives on the market, covering every need you might have. These knives range from simple serrated paring knives to more specified stainless steel French knives. The diversity ensures that you go with a brand you know and trust at an affordable price.

The final aspect that sets these knives apart from other brands is the lifetime guarantee that you can get a replacement without hassle if your knives do not live up to the quality you expect.

2. Alfi All-Purpose Knives

Knives are not everyone’s forte. The Alfi all-purpose knife set will be perfect for the simple chef looking to make basic meals without going overboard purchasing bones for fileting their cutlets or even butchering their meat.

These knives come in many diverse colors and are serrated, meaning they will get through everything ranging from meats and bread to being fantastic as a general-purpose knife. For the price of $43.99, you get a 12-pack of these beauties.

3. Dexter-Russell 3-Pack Knife Set

Dexter-Russel draws on simplicity, both in design and price. This brand sells a myriad of different kinds of knives. Still, here we will be focusing on their three-pack of 3 1/4th-inch paring knives, perfect for getting those exact angles for cutting smaller meats or being great for peeling veggies and fruits while having a unique ambidextrous handle, making them easy to use for anyone.

4. CUTCO Set of 4 Knives

If simple was your ideal, you should skip ahead because CUTCO takes the cake in providing knives that are masterpieces in craftsmanship with a design that oozes elegance. These steak knives can double as table knives but come with an edge that is guaranteed to stay sharp for years.

The pieces will fit with most dining sets and come in a custom knife holder, making them even more presentable depending on the setting, these knives will cost you $257.00, so those with tight budgets may want to look into other options.

5. Lamson Kitchen Knives

Lamson is a company that prides itself on providing for your culinary needs. Whether you need essential kitchen tools and utensils or more specialized kitchen knives, they cover you on all fronts.

Lamson offers premier forged or classic knives with their “vintage kitchen knife” choices. You are sure to find choices within their lines that fit your needs.

Still, just like CUTCO, these knives are made for people with an exquisite grasp of knife usage and need unique pieces for specific jobs. Most of their blades cost over $70, and even smaller sets round up to $160.00, so these knives may be out of some people’s league.

What to Look for When Purchasing Kitchen Knives

1. Quality

Quality ensures your kitchen knife will not break within a few months or years. If you have a good quality knife, that company establishes trust in you as their customer.

For example, suppose a friend or family likes your knife set, so you purchase one as a gift. However, some of their knives break a few months down the line. In that case, you have discovered that said company does not make good quality products, so you no longer invest in them. Due to this, it is essential to invest in something worth your money.

2. Design

Although some people may not care about the design, consider the look of your knife. For example, if you have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen for guests, then having that one-of-a-kind design knife may be a conversation starter. You can mention where you purchased your knife, especially since it was made in the USA!

3. Material

The material your knives are made of will heavily determine how much use you can get out of them and what kind of conditions they can endure before becoming damaged or unusable. With knives containing iron susceptible to rust, you’d want to steer clear of these and lean towards stainless steel knives suitable for general-purpose usage. Still, carbon steel knives can be very dependable as well.

4. Affordability

Arguably one of the most important things to consider when looking at knives or any product. If the knife or knife set is out of your budget, then its raw capabilities, design and all other perks mean little, as you can’t tangibly obtain them.

As such, your best bet is to find a knife that balances you and your family’s specific needs without breaking the bank for the endeavor.

5. Safety

While most knives come with some form of holder or sheathe, some will noticeably lack this feature. Although some of us have particular areas within our drawers to store knives, this can become clunky and clutter your kitchen space, resulting in potential hazards.

This is especially true when children are in the picture or people reach mindlessly within areas hoping to find what they need. As such, knife holders or designated areas are a must to keep your knives from being dulled from jostling against one another and preventing people’s hands from being cut.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the perfect kitchen knife will take time, but researching your options before investing in one is the difference between getting years of use from the knives you choose or having a trash can filled with broken cutlery and a hole in your wallet. Ensure your purchase is as strong as stainless steel (preferably with a warranty), and you can’t go wrong!

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