5 Easy Ways to Store a Fondant Cake

If you have leftover fondant from a cake that you need to store for a while, there are many ways […]

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If you have leftover fondant from a cake that you need to store for a while, there are many ways that will work. You can take the time and make your own storage solution or purchase one. The five easy solutions mentioned below are how I store my cakes when they require more than just a day in the fridge!

Most people want to preserve and even enjoy the fondant cake they painstakingly decorated in advance. After such a novel undertaking, there’s nothing worse than finding out that your masterpiece doesn’t have much life left in it. A guide on how to store a fondant cake depends on what you’re doing with it, but all good cakes should be stored at least a day in the fridge before being served.



There are several ways to store your fondant cake, and depending on what you choose, the cake will have a different chance of lasting. Read more for 5 easy solutions to keeping fondant cakes, from refrigerating or freezing to wrapping in plastic wrap.

– Put a piece of wax paper over the top of the cake and then place lay a layer or two of plastic wrap over the cake.

– Put it in an airtight container, such as Tupperware or Rubbermaid, and cover with a wet towel. The moist heat will prevent any drying out that would occur if you were to keep your fondant at room temperature.

– Put it in the refrigerator or freezer. The cold will slow any decay and make your fondant cake last longer than just a day at room temperature.



– Put it in the fridge, wrap tightly with plastic wrap and then foil to keep out moisture and moldy smells from other foods.

– Put the cake on a plate or in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. If any condensation forms, make sure to blot it off before rewrapping. It’s also essential to store your fondant cakes away from foods that are high in moisture – like applesauce or stewed tomatoes. HINT: Place small pieces of dried cornmeal on the bottom of your container to absorb any water that is released.

Storing A Fondant Cake

The basics to storing a fondant cake are:

1. Put all layers together, stacked on top of one another (bottom to top).

2. Wrap them with plastic wrap, then wrap tin foil around the edges and label it for future reference



3. Allow your cake to rest out at room temperature for a few hours before placing it in the refrigerator.

Cakes should be stored at room temperature. A fondant encased cake has the benefit of an icing encasement that protects it from exposure to air so that it stays fresher for longer.

Refrigerator Storage

The fridge is the best place for storing a fondant cake if you’re not going to be serving it within one day of decoration. The frosting will absorb any condensation and become sticky, so make sure that you wrap tightly before refrigerating!

Make sure you have either covered your cake or wrapped it securely before refrigerating, as any condensation will cause your icing to become sticky and moist. You can also put dry cornflour under your wrapper for extra protection.

If you’re storing a fondant cake in the freezer, it’s essential to wrap it tightly with plastic and foil to keep out moisture.

Freezer Storage

The best place to store a cake is in the freezer a cake if you’re not going to be eating it for more than a week.

It’s also important to wrap your fondant cakes tightly with plastic and foil before placing them in the freezer, or else moisture will seep into your frosting and ruin its texture.

Countertop/Cupboard Storage

Countertop and cupboard storage is not the best for storing a fondant cake because they expose it to air. If you want to keep your cake on your counter, make sure that it’s wrapped tightly in plastic wrap as any exposure will cause moisture (especially if you live in humid weather), which can lead to moldy smells or even a soggy texture of the cake. When kept on the counter or in a cupboard, covered entirely with plastic wrap, fondant cake stays fresh for 2 – 4 days.

Airtight Cake Carrier

If you wish to take your cake on the go, don’t wrap it in plastic and then foil. This will cause condensation when the air conditioning or heating kicks on, which can lead to a soggy cake! Instead, use an airtight carrier like Tupperware – this way, there’s no chance of any moisture getting into the frosting.

Cake Boxes

A cake box is a great way to store your fondant cake for more than one day. If you want to prolong its freshness, the best thing to do would be to wrap it in plastic and then foil it before placing it into an airtight container like Tupperware or Rubbermaid. You can also put dry cornflour under the wrapper for extra protection.

Cake Cover

A cake cover is another great way to store your fondant cake for more than one day. It’s essential, however, that you keep the frosting from drying out, so wrap it tightly with plastic and then foil before covering it up in a cake cover.

Cake Stand With Cover

Prolonged exposure to air and humidity will make your cake stays fresh for even longer; the best method would be to cover it in a cake stand with an attached lid. This will keep any moisture out and let the frosting dry so that it can’t go soggy.

What Is Fondant Cake?

Fondant icing is a type of thick icing that can be made from scratch or bought ready-made. It’s used to cover cakes and cookies, as well as in cake decorating. Fondant has the benefit of being easy to roll out, so it’s often preferred over buttercream when covering large surfaces like wedding cakes.

It takes practice to shape the fondant, but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you, or you can get some inspiration from how-to books.



Unlike buttercream icing, which is malleable and soft when it’s being applied, fondant has a tough texture that doesn’t change over time. It will stay dry (rather than becoming sticky or soggy) and doesn’t need any refrigeration.

You can find fondant in a variety of colors, including white or ivory, which you can dye to match the color scheme of your cake decoration.

Fondant is also easier to work with than buttercream, so it’s often preferred for beginners who want an easy-to-learn how-to that’s still professional-looking.

Does Fondant Need To Be Refrigerated?

Fondant does not need to be refrigerated because it doesn’t contain any dairy products or oils, which are the things that spoil and make cakes go bad.

In fact, you can keep your fondant cake delicious for up to a week at room temperature by following these tips:

– Wrap tightly with plastic wrap before storing in a container like Tupperware

– Store in airtight containers with dry cornstarch under the wrapper for extra protection.

– Keep wrapped tightly and store in a cupboard or on the countertop, but don’t let any moisture get into it by wrapping tight and covering entirely with plastic wrap.



– If you’re going to be traveling with your fondant cake, use an airtight carrier like Tupperware.



– For long-term storage, you can also put the wrapped in foil and store it freezing the cake in a freezer bag for up to six months – but make sure that it’s tightly sealed!

– Don’t freeze fresh frosting or try to transport frozen fondant.

– Make sure to use fresh, quality ingredients so that your cake stays mold-free and delicious.

– If you need to store the fondant for longer than a week (or if it’s already been frozen), make sure to keep sugar in its original bag when defrosting – without adding any water or milk. This will allow you to store it for six months.

– If you want the fondant icing to be stiffer, add more cornstarch or powdered sugar and mix well before frosting your cake.

– To make sure that the surface of your cake stays smooth without any cracks, use a smoother like a rolling pin on top of it after applying the fondant.

– Use a cake stand with a cover to keep the icing from drying out and go soggy, which is how you can store your fondant cake for more than one day without refrigeration.

How To Store Fondant Cake Toppers?

When it comes to how you store fondant cake toppers, there are two main options.

The first is a sealed container that’s airtight

t and made of plastic like Tupperware for long-term storage. The second option is an airtight bag, also in plastic, which can be stored in the fridge or freezer if you’re looking for a short-term solution.

The right type of storage can often be the difference between a successful cake and a disappointing one. There are some of the most common mistakes people make when storing a fondant cake; storing your chocolate or fondant cakes, instead, use one of these five solutions, so you’re sure they are protected.



To minimize the chance of leakage, you’ll want to make sure that your container has container is airtight so that any moisture or humidity can’t get in and make the fondant cake toppers go wrong, which will ruin how they taste.

Does Fondant Keep Cake Fresh?

When it comes to how long does fondant keeps the cake fresh, the answer is up to a week with proper storage methods and ingredients. Fondant icing used to frost a cake can keep the cake moist and new because this will avoid exposure to air. This is especially important since storing a fresh cake in the refrigerator often isn’t recommended, as refrigerators tend to dry out cakes, and flavorings lingering in other foods can mix with the taste of different cakes.

How Long Can Fondant Cake Sit Out?

A cake covered in fondant can be stored on the countertop at room temperature for 2-4 days. For best results when holding a cake, cover it with plastic wrap, place it in a cake box, or cover it with a lid.

Cover any sliced pieces of cake, or the exposed slice if it has been cut, with icing or plastic wrap to protect the cake from exposure to air. It can take a cut cake 2 – 3 days before spoiling.

The fondant should be stored at room temperature for a week before it starts to go wrong. However, if you’re keeping the cake on display, make sure that there’s no condensation on its surface or any dripping water from nearby sources like fountains or sweating ice cream!

Don’t keep fondant cakes out too long either because they can dry up and start to go wrong.

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