6 Best Degreasers for Kitchen Cabinets

Dealing with greasy cabinets can take thirty minutes to an hour of hard scrubbing and extreme effort to remove at […]

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Dealing with greasy cabinets can take thirty minutes to an hour of hard scrubbing and extreme effort to remove at the best of times. Still, many wonderful products can make this entire process a piece of cake and even have your cabinets coated with a grease-resistant layer, which would delay your next cleaning. In that case, what are some excellent degreasers for kitchen cabinets?

There are six excellent degreasers we are going to discuss today:

  • Green Gobbler all-natural multi-purpose cleaner
  • TriNova Natural all-purpose cleaner
  • Citra Solv concentrated cleaner & degreaser
  • Weiman cabinet & wood clean
  • Rejuvenate cabinet and furniture restorer

In this article, we will talk about what a degreaser is and how these products mentioned above are immaculate above others. We will discuss what you should look for in a degreaser and some other questions you might have. We encourage you to continue reading for more information.

What Is a Degreaser?

degreaser is a solvent or cleaner used to break down and remove any sticky build-up or grime that accumulates over several weeks or months, depending on the time between cleanings.

Degreasers can typically be used across most cabinet types, but certain types of wood may be damaged if you drench your cabinets in the cleaning solution. Depending on your degreaser of choice, you can examine the bottle and see how much should be applied for general-purpose cleaning.

What Is the Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets?

Defining the best degreasers have a few key points that qualify them better than others. For certain people, price, quality and availability are the best quantifiers of what makes one degreaser better than another, combining all qualities into one.

More Natural Degreasers

There are some natural(er) degreasers that you should consider purchasing before going the conventional route. This is because they contain fewer chemicals than synthetic degreasers, making them more eco-friendly, and your body will thank you later in life for it.

1. Green Gobbler All-Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The Green Gobbler ranks amongst the highest on the list thanks to it packing a lot of cleaning power and being specifically made to be utilized on most surfaces. After the cleaning, you will have a refreshing citrus scent instead of something potent and nostrils burning like bleach.

However, bear in mind that the potency Green Gobbler offers requires you to dilute it with water to avoid damaging surfaces or wasting unnecessary amounts of your solution.

2. TriNova Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

TriNova takes a step towards keeping things organic, being made primarily with common plants and other natural ingredients. Still, despite everything coming from nature, it is a force to be reckoned with, as this cleaner is safe to use in your kitchen.

Best of all, the rest of your home, for the most part, comes in a pleasant scent sampled with essential oils, which can cut grime and serve as a barrier to keep unwanted pests on newly cleaned surfaces.

3. Citra Solv Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

The next degreaser combines the first two into a tidy package with extreme cleaning power and the refreshing citrus scents most people enjoy. The only real difference would be that this degreaser not only fits the bill of keeping your kitchen, bathroom and most other surfaces clean, it also boasts cruelty-free and vegan. Citra Solv is the cleaner for your home and household if those quantifiers are essential to you.

Conventional Degreasers

All grease is not created equally, so not every degreaser is made for the same purpose. The ones above catered to incredibly tough messes that have been caked on surfaces for several months and require diluting, while most of these will not take the extra effort and are more spray and forget.

4. Weiman Cabinet & Wood Clean

Starting things off strong, we have Weiman cabinet & wood cleaner. This product offers phenomenal cleaning power with many extra benefits after that first glistening clean.

The first perk is that after you wipe away the excess, it forms a protective coating on the top of the surface, making it much more difficult for things to get as built-up as they were and ensuring the next cleaning is even easier.



Another bonus is that this cleaner emits a rustic almond smell, a welcome change of pace from the citrus-dominated scents most competitors offer.

5. Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Restorer

Rejuvenate lives up to its name by not only getting rid of oil, dirt, grease, and any other kinds of residue that have accumulated on your surfaces. Still, it also gives them fresh air, allowing them to look like they were when they were new.

Not only this, but Rejuvenate laminates the cabinets with a thin film that offers resistance to scratches, fills previous ones in, and even protects against sun damage, with the final benefit being a pleasant lemon scent after everything is said and done.


Parker & Bailey may be one of the cheapest degreasers on this list, but don’t let the price fool you; this cabinet cream will make light work of any hard-to-clean places and give your freshly cleaned surfaces a lustrous shine for your effort. The cream fills old scratches and laminates them afterward, which can single-handedly make your kitchen look brand new with one cleaning.

Why Do You Need a Degreaser?

The primary reason anyone would want a degreaser is to remove built-up grease that accumulates while cooking food and simply living life.

That being said, most degreaser companies not only take care of this need but create multi-purpose products, giving your cabinets and surfaces a restoration treatment as well as a coat that typically prevents these areas from getting into their previous unclean and damaged state while occasionally even filling scratches as well.

What to Look For in a Degreaser

The perfect degreaser boils down to what you need from it; some of the most important aspects to look for in all degreasers come down to whether or not it is safe for your family, whether it can potentially harm the surfaces you clean, and whether if the product itself (or the bottle it comes in) is destructive to the environment, as well as how good it is at actually cleaning.

1. Toxicity

A product that manages to clean your home is all well and good, but this doesn’t amount to much if the cleaner is so incredibly toxic that it can burn the skin, damage the surface, or leave the entire area dangerous to be in for hours after the cleaning has finished.

For that purpose, you want to carefully examine each cleaner you plan on utilizing for safety precautions regarding its usage.

2. Flammability

While the possibility of your degreaser causing your home to catch on fire can be low, it is never zero. The potential for this occurring is even higher in oil-based products, and as such, it should be used with caution, especially if your cabinets are in extreme proximity to your stove or are in direct sunlight.

3. Plastic & Rubber Compatibility

Certain degreasers are potent enough to destroy grease build-up. Still, they can also eat away at plastic and rubber surfaces if exposed to them and unchecked to prevent damaging your kitchen cabinets (or anything close to things you are cleaning).

Check whether or not your cleaner of choice is marked as plastic/rubber safe. Failure to do so may cause rubber seals to shrink, swell, or disintegrate entirely.

4. Environmental Issues

As noted above, oil-based degreasers can be damaging and even hazardous to people, pets, and plants. Therefore, you must diligently research your product before utilizing them, especially when the bottle is empty, and you will throw it away, as failure to dispose of it properly can create issues in your yard or be dangerous for your pets.

Final Thoughts

Picking a degreaser that makes sense for you and your family can take time to find, but with any luck, you can now decide which ones will fit your needs and, more importantly, be safe for your household.

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