Best Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker

If you have ever made things from scratch, you know how satisfying it can be! Knowing precisely what will be […]

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If you have ever made things from scratch, you know how satisfying it can be! Knowing precisely what will be inside your food is one of the best feelings in the world. Given that information, you may be trying to find an ice cream maker for you and your household. 

However, you have come to the right place if you are old-fashioned! So, what are the best old-fashioned ice cream makers on the market today? We have found excellent options down below;

  • 6 qt Country Ice Cream Maker
  • Lehman’s Manual Ice Cream Maker
  • Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker
  • Elite Gourmet Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker
  • Nostalgia Old Fashioned Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
  • Immergood Electric Ice Cream Maker

In this article, we will be reviewing all the ice cream makers mentioned above. We will also discuss why you should be getting one, especially since it is one of the many desires of our hearts. Not only that, but we will answer if it is truly worth getting. For more information, we highly encourage you to continue reading along. 

What Are the Best Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Makers?

Although there are many incredible ice cream makers, the best ones are old-fashioned. Nothing is better than finding the perfect piece to fit in your kitchen! 

1. 6 qt Country Ice Cream Maker

This 6-quart country ice cream maker will bring you back to the 1800s with its style and beauty. It is also completely manual, so keep that in mind, as you will need time and energy to make your ice cream.

However, this device will provide plenty of ice cream for you and your family to enjoy for years! The Amish in Ohio, USA, crafts the Country ice cream maker. 

The people who have reviewed this product mentioned it is a fantastic family activity, such as if you are having a BBQ or family dinner. Nothing is better than having your grandkids get involved in churning ice cream on a mid-summer afternoon. Another person mentioned the construction of the product is phenomenal! 

2. Lehman’s Manual Ice Cream Maker

Yet another ice cream maker made in the United States is Lehman’s manual ice cream maker. As the description above shows, it is entirely manual, which would be a fun way to exercise your upper body! 

Lehman’s manual ice cream maker creates velvety and rich homemade ice cream. It is fun making it, and the reward of sweet goodness is perfect afterward. Top some ice cream on your homemade pie, and everything is golden. 

This particular ice cream maker comes with a 5-year warranty on all stainless steel parts, so you can go with confidence that you are taken care of if anything breaks. Lastly, the instruction booklet has many great old-fashioned recipes, making it an excellent way to start your ice cream-making journey.

3. Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker

Get the nostalgic experience of making ice cream with the Nostalgia ice cream maker if you are on a tight budget. Not only can you make ice cream within 20 minutes with its electric motor, but you can also use its manual feature. 

If you need to go somewhere particular, the handle makes transporting from point A to point B easy. The design was inspired by early 20th century America, making the ice cream maker a timeless appeal on all ends. People will come to your home and want to “go back in time,” so to speak. 

This particular ice cream maker suggests getting a Nostalgia kit that includes vanilla crème, strawberry, or chocolate-flavored ice cream. Another option is the premium starter kit, which is excellent for a snack or party times. However, this part does not come with the maker itself. 

4. Elite Gourmet Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t want to invest in something with the word “gourmet” in its title? This 6-quart tub is perfect for making ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, and gelatos. It is perfect for a BBQ snack, picnic, or family dinner! 

The Elite Gourmet old-fashioned ice cream machine has a relatively quiet motor or manual hand crank, so you, your family and your friends can enjoy taking turns back and forth! This product also comes with a 1-year warranty, and the company has provided over 35 years of good quality products. 

5. Nostalgia Old Fashioned Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

We have yet another Nostalgia brand here, but this one will save you a ton of money if you want to have a wonderful treat here and there. 

This specific machine can make your ice cream in roughly 20 minutes with the motor, but you can also churn it with your hand if desired. This design is inspired by early 20th-century America to help you create a wonderful, timeless experience. 

6. Immergood Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker

The last ice cream maker on our list is the Immergood stainless steel ice cream maker. This specific Immergood maker is completely hand-churn, so if you are looking for an electric version, we recommend the electric version

This high-quality leak-proof tub is highly insulated and contains triple-layer construction. That being said, it is incredibly durable and worth your investment. 

Reasons to Get an Ice Cream Maker for Your Household

1. Value for Money & Cost Savings

Making your own ice cream is much cheaper in the long run than buying it at the store, especially if you go for gourmet brands. Not only this, but if you were to purchase a brand with fewer ingredients in the store, you are looking at spending anywhere between $5 to $6 for 48 ounces. 

On the other hand, Consumer Credit states that you spend roughly $3 per gallon. However, the initial cost for said items is about $15 if you get enough ingredients to make multiple batches of ice cream. 

2. Customization & Creativity

If you are someone who does not simply want to buy a product just to make one simple thing, then get an ice cream maker! You can make frozen yogurt, sorbet, slushies, gelatos, and other similar drinks or tasty foods! 

3. You Control the Ingredients

Some people absolutely love ice cream, but it is extremely hard to digest. This is because many popular brands have ingredients that can harm your health. For example, store-bought ice cream contains GMOs, caramel color, corn syrup, and soy lethicin. Using no unnecessary additives means you will be eating much healthier in the long run, allowing you to fully enjoy your tasty treat without feeling so guilty! 

4. It Tastes Fantastic

Not only are you eliminating unwanted ingredients, but something about making homemade food taste much better than store-bought. You are taking your time to perfect the ice cream to exactly how you want it to be. Plus, the ingredients are fresh! 

5. Don’t Throw Away Overripe Fruit

Suppose you have overripe fruit, like bananas or strawberries that may go bad soon. In that case, use them to make ice cream! That way, you do not have to throw out anything, and it will be used well! 

Is It Worth Getting an Ice Cream Maker?

Yes, it is very worth getting an ice cream maker. We highly suggest it as there are so many benefits. Not only that, but finding the perfect old-fashioned one will help you create more memories with your children, grandchildren, or other family members or friends. We hope this article has helped you somehow, and happy ice cream-making!

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