Clever Ways to Crush Ice Without a Blender or Food Processor

Crushed ice is a delicious reward for those who such as to consume cold drinks. It’s additionally an excellent method […]

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Crushed ice is a delicious reward for those who such as to consume cold drinks. It’s additionally an excellent method to cool on a warm summer season day. Making smashed ice can be pricey; however, it doesn’t need to be! In this article, we’ll show you how to squash ice without a blender or food processor, or various other devices that would certainly need a financial investment from you.

While a blender is most definitely a quick way to crush ice, sometimes you may need to do without it– like when it damages as well as you have not acquired a new blender. So if you are seeking numerous methods to crush ice without a mixer, this post is for you. We’ve discovered the best ways to squash ice by hand.

Right here are five strategies that you can use to crush ice without utilizing a mixer:

  • Make use of a Lewis bag & club
  • Utilize a cocktail shaker
  • A plastic bag & rolling pin
  • A manual ice crusher require
  • Use a muddler

The technique to making excellent smashed ice is to squash it up quickly. You don’t require the ice melting before you have an opportunity to consume it, so it’s finest to know the right approach to get it squashed in less than a min. Continue analysis to find out more concerning the best methods to make smashed ice without a blender or food processor.

How to Make a Great Ice Crush Without A Blender

1. Use A Lewis Bag & Mallet

A Lewis bag and also club is just one of the most usual methods to create crushed ice. You’ll often see bartenders, as well as professional cooks, utilize this to generate ice or numerous meals and also beverages. Please make note that the Lewis bag is a canvas bag, indicating that it is permeable. So to state, when the ice starts melting, your counter will undoubtedly be wet. Allow’s have a look at the steps to utilize them to make smashed ice:

Begin by eliminating the ice from the freezer. The glaze should be completely dry and chilly to ensure that it does not thaw rapidly while in the Lewis bag. The ice cube dimension does not matter, as you can use dice from huge or small ice trays. However, it deserves to keep in mind that you will undoubtedly have much better outcomes if every ice cubes are around the same dimension.

Ensure to eliminate sufficient ice from the freezer, as you will typically require more excellent than you assume you will. Remember, smashed ice will be much smaller than ice, so you wish to utilize a third or twice as many that you would certainly need for the regular ice dimensions.

Next off, secure your Lewis bag and also roll up the closed end of it. Take the just recently gotten rid of 2 ice cubes and put them within the Lewis bag.

Now take the Louis bag and area it on the counter, a table, or one more hard surface. Seize the bag’s open end and fold it over two times to make sure that it is shut.

Keep the Lewis bag with your non-dominant hand, take your leading hand, get a mallet or hammer, and place it over the bag. Next off, hit the sack continuously with the hammer to crush the ice. You’ll wish to work as quickly as possible to avoid the ice from melting before you have an opportunity to either utilize it or position it in the fridge freezer for storage space.

If you do not have a mallet or hammer, you could use any hefty object, preferably one with a deal. A meat tenderizer is likewise a great option. You can again position a plastic freezer bag inside a Lewis bag if you intend to avoid the counter from getting wet.

Continue to smash the ice until only little pieces remain. Open the bag to have a look, and also, if the items of crushed ice or to your liking, get rid of the ice in the bag, as well as you’re great to go. If there are still huge portions of ice inside the Lewis bag, close it back up as well as continue to wreck the ice.

Keep in mind, time is essential! So the much faster you smash the ice, the far better. In time, you will certainly locate that you will undoubtedly get better at developing quality crushed ice, implying the ice chunks’ dimensions will surely be a lot more constant. Everything takes practice!

2. Usage A Cocktail Shaker

Bartenders frequently make use of cocktail shakers to make a small amount of smashed ice in a hurry. However, how do they do it? Allow’s check out the steps to use them for making crushed ice:

Take your cocktail shaker as well as toss 10 to 12 pieces of ice right into it. The ice cubes need to fill up the shaker midway to the top. Please take out the ice cubes as soon as they’re frozen and put them right into the shaker.

After that, hold the shaker upright on a counter or an extra complex surface with one hand while using the other to grip it.

Afterward, tremble it with your hand in the air for about 20 to 30 secs. Open up the shaker to see if the ice chip dimensions are to your liking; if not, provide the shaker another faucet of the counter as well as shake it once again for an additional 20 to 30 seconds.

Repeat these actions as essential until the chunks of ice are small sufficient for you.

3. Plastic Bag & A Rolling Pin


Fridge freezer bags can be available in convenient when making crushed ice in a pinch. Let’s look at the actions to utilize them for this task:

Take the ice from the freezer and seal it in a resealable bag. It’s finest to utilize a solid fridge freezer bag for this task as they are thicker and less likely to divide or fracture during this procedure.

After you position your ice in the bag, seal it closed and put it in the freezer for a couple of hrs.

Next off, eliminate the bag from the fridge freezer and run it under hot water for regarding 10 secs. The hot water will certainly make it much easier for the ice to fracture as soon as you start to bang on it.

Next, take a rolling pin and lightly touch the fridge freezer bag till the ice forms right into chips.

4. Manual Ice Crusher

Using a hands-on ice crusher is a relatively simple strategy to squash ice. While there are numerous types and also models of ice crushers, the overall property coincides. Right here are the actions to utilize them:

Take your ice from the fridge freezer as well as put them inside the ice crusher. A lot of ice crushers have a tank that comes from the top of the device.

Shut the storage tank when you put your ice inside of it.

Crank the device to the right in a clockwise manner, then get the price on the bar that lies on the side of the gadget and turn it to the right. If you have an extra pricey ice crusher design, this will undoubtedly be a straightforward job for you. If you have an old-fashioned ice crusher, you may need to put in some effort to crush the ice. Proceed to crank the lever until you have destroyed every one of the ice cubes within. Bear in mind to turn the handle swiftly to prevent the ice from melting.

5. Usage A Muddler

Likewise, you can use a muddler to crush ice if you are grinding a couple of cubes for a single drink. For this approach, you will certainly again need an alcoholic drink glass. Let’s look at the actions to crush ice utilizing a muddler:

We are beginning by putting five or six ice cubes right into the cocktail glass.

Next, take the muddler and, while beginning at a distance of three inches from the most incredible ice, crush the ice utilizing the muddler. Make sure to grind the muddler right into ice using a transforming movement. If you are making a beverage, be sure to crush the ice first and not combine it with various other active ingredients until you are completed. A muddler may be overpowering for other drink ingredients and make them less noticeable.

Proceed to grind the ice up until it is of the wanted size.

Is It Possible To Crumble Ice Using A Food Processor?

Food processors are developed to slice, cut, and crush foods that are soft and flexible. Ice does not fall under this group and is also more significant than most likely than not, will damage the blades within your mixer. Unfortunately, these blades aren’t suggested for use on hard or brittle products, and they can get caught or break when used. It’s best to make use of a blender or among the methods mentioned above to crush your ice in your home.

Can A KitchenAid Hand Blender Crush Ice?

Yes, the Kitchenaid hand blender or food processor can squash the whole dice of ice, according to its specs. Nonetheless, we would not suggest this mixer for expanded use for this application especially. It’d be far better to opt for a full-size blender or food processor if you intend on regularly utilizing it to squash ice. The difference is that the motor and blades will be considerably more extensive and powerful than an immersion or hand mixer.

If you prepare to utilize your mixer to crush ice regularly, here are a couple of alternatives that you can take into consideration instead:

Ninja BL610 Ice Crushing Blender

The Ninja blenders have made their method as difficult competitors in the market. Not only are they simple to run, but they are affordable and have the longevity of numerous expensive blenders. This particular blender is BPA-free as well as has a solid 1000-watt motor that can squash ice immediately. It comes with simple setups, including pulse, high, tool, as well, as low. It likewise has a durable 5-blade setting up that abides by ice and various other problematic foods. You can again use it to make smoothies, salsa, and also nut butter.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

The Blendtec standard is one more economical alternative for an excellent ice-crushing blender. This blender or food processor is lightweight and comes with ten variable speeds. It has a 1600-watt motor that is very reliable at crushing little and large chunks of ice. It’s likewise BPA-free and has a 32-oz mixing capacity. If you are searching for a properly designed lightweight blender or food processor and also can deal with large jobs, this blender might be the ideal fit.

Vitamix 7500 Ice Blender

Vitamix blenders have taken control of the home device market. These high-speed blenders or food processors are simply the most effective of the most effective. This mixer has a 64-oz blend capability as well as features ten variable rates and a pulse choice. It also includes a radiator air conditioning fan as well as thermal protection to avoid getting too hot. The Vitamix blender or food processor can crush ice immediately, and you can additionally utilize it for various other applications, including smoothie, soup, and ice cream-making.

What Is The Difference Between Crushed Ice And Shaved Ice?

The distinction between crushed ice and cut ice is primarily the chips’ size and the approach used to make them. Crushed ice is more significant and can be produced using several ways, including mixers, ice crushers, and hand-crushing ice cubes.

Cut ice is finer and also thinner than crushed ice. It’s usually made by scrubbing dices of ice on a sensitive surface area. Cut ice is generally used to make treats such as snow cones, yogurt, and ice cream. Squashed ice is usually used in drinks.

What Can You Use Crushed Ice For?

For the most part, smashed ice is utilized to make alcoholic drinks, smoothies, iced tea, and various other drinks. You can additionally use it to quickly cool soups and also stews without making them also watery.

Which Lasts Longer: Crushed Or Cubed Ice?

Crushed ice comprises much smaller pieces than cubed dice, which suggests it has less surface area. This makes it thaw much faster, as warm transfers from external objects to the surface of the ice. That being stated, smashed ice will certainly thaw faster than cubed ice. So if you are searching for ice that will undoubtedly take a longer time to melt, giant ice cubes will be better.

Covering Things Up

We hope this article has fulfilled you with acceptable methods to manually squash ice if you do not have a mixer quickly available! Make sure to check out several of our various other messages before you go:

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