How to Maximize Refrigerator Space

A refrigerator is luxurious because it keeps fresh produce, cheese, meat, and other food items fresh for longer. Not only […]

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A refrigerator is luxurious because it keeps fresh produce, cheese, meat, and other food items fresh for longer. Not only that, but certain refrigerators come with incredible high-end specs, like ice makers or smart features.

However, sometimes you have difficulty maximizing the interior space, so what tips and tricks can you accommodate to help with any disorganization? Here are some excellent ways to do so below:

  • Group your leftovers together
  • Invest in clear bins for your fruits and veggies
  • Rearrange or take out shelves
  • Move condiments to the door
  • Find a new home for drinks
  • Stack bowls and casserole dishes
  • Turn a magazine holder into a makeshift shelf
  • Make kid snacks accessible
  • Purchase only what you Will use that week
  • Clean out your fridge often
  • Collect all your eggs in one basket

If you wish to go more in-depth on these subjects, we encourage you to continue reading. Our main goal is to help you become more organized, especially inside your kitchen.

How Can You Maximize Fridge Space?

Here, we have come up with 11 ideas to help bring your fridge to its fullest potential!

1. Group Your Leftovers Together

One of the many issues is that your leftovers are scattered inside your refrigerator, not all in one place. In this case, grouping them all in one place is wise. That way, you can find them more easily and grab them quickly.

It is recommended to store leftovers in airtight food storage containers on the top shelf. This will keep raw food away from precooked food so bacteria does not transfer to and from.

Not only this, but it might be a wise idea to label the dates they were first made. More often than not we tend to keep a specific thing in the fridge way longer than it should be. Unfortunately, this leads to bacteria growth and can cause food poisoning or another illness if eaten after a few days.

2. Invest in Clear Bins for Your Fruits and Veggies

What do you do with your fruits and veggies when you first get them? Often, people leave said items inside the bags.

However, doing so will make them not last as long. On the other hand, allowing your fruits and veggies to “breathe” would be a wise choice, and this is done by eliminating the bags and putting them in clear bins.

Here, we have found some stackable clear bins. Something clear will help you see what you have and remind you to use said items.

3. Rearrange or Take Out Shelves

Many refrigerators have an option where you can rearrange shelves to go a few inches higher or lower. If you need more space for a specific item, arrange it in whichever way you need it.

4. Move Condiments to the Door

Since the door is constantly opening and closing, the temperature fluctuates. In that case, moving all condiments to the door is wise. This means your sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc. Doing so will help you quickly find said items and provide a better grab-and-go scenario, especially when making that special sandwich you have been dreaming about for days!

5. Find a New Home for Drinks

Drinks take up a ton of space inside your refrigerator. Many households nowadays have the luxury of having another fridge in their basement, garage, or another place inside the home. If you do not have the space, consider getting a drink fridge or something similar.

However, we recommend keeping specific items you use often inside the fridge. For example, if you have young children who drink a lot of milk daily, keeping it outside your kitchen might not be the wisest choice. In this case, consider what drinks to keep out and which ones to keep inside.

6. Stack Bowls and Casserole Dishes

Stacking bowls and casserole dishes with a cookie sheet or flat would be ideal if you have a large bowl of your favorite home-cooked spaghetti. Not only that, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that one food bowl will not enter another.

7. Turn a Magazine Holder Into a Makeshift Shelf

Suppose you lack shelf space but need more of it. In that case, we recommend using magazine holders as a make-shift shelf space. You will get more organization and gain new “shelves,” which is a win-win! Here is one that comes in a pack of three. You can easily store it in the corner for better convenience.

8. Make Kid Snacks Accessible

Kids will constantly snack whether you want them to or not. In that case, we recommend making your children’s snacks accessible. If you have multiple children, you can create a snack bag or bin for them. To make them feel more special, get some name labels so they know whose is whose.

9. Purchase What You Will Use That Week

So often we will buy things we will not use or need that week. In that case, we highly recommend purchasing things you will absolutely use that week. Something that may truly help you out is to meal plan everything using the ingredients you already have.

10. Clean Out Your Fridge Often

Cleaning out your fridge should be done at least once a month. If you are unable to upkeep with it, make sure to wipe everything down every other month. This helps subside any food residue your fridge might have collected. Plus, it would be good to get rid of all the gross old food that might be inside. We will discuss this topic further below.

11. Collect All Your Eggs in One Basket

Instead of using egg cartons to keep your eggs safe, consider collecting them all in one see through basket, like a small wire one. Not only can you easily take an egg or two out for breakfast, but it will give your fridge a nice aesthetically pleasing look.

Where Do You Store Eggs in the Fridge?

It is best to store your eggs on the middle shelf of your fridge. The temperature remains the coldest and most consistent in the middle of your fridge. Although the door might be more convenient, especially if you eat them a lot, it can pose a safety risk due to the fluctuations in temperature (because of frequently opening and closing the door).

Where Do You Put Meat in the Fridge?

The best place to put meat in the fridge is the bottom shelf. This is due to a few reasons.

  • Because heat rises, bacteria growth might occur on your meats, causing them to become dangerous to eat. You want to ensure the meat remains cold always, so keeping it on the bottom is extremely important.

  • The bottom part of your fridge is much easier to clean accidental spills than if it were to spill on the top part of your fridge. However, many people recommend putting a grocery bag over the package it was initially in, which helps prevent messes.

How Do You Clean Your Fridge Without Chemicals?

The best way to clean your fridge without chemicals is to use a microfiber cloth with a vinegar, soap, and water solution. Create 1 part vinegar with 1 part water, then add a couple of drops of dish soap to the mixture.

Next, gently swish the bottle to ensure everything is mixed well. Make sure not to shake it too much, as it may get bubbly inside and more complex to spray.

After creating the solution, remove everything from your fridge and spray along every crack and crevice inside. Let the solution sit for roughly 10 minutes before wiping it down. Once that is done sitting, wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth.

We recommend removing the bottom bins and soaking them in hot water with soap to ensure no food particles are left. Most fridges allow the sizeable bottom area to be taken out as well. If you have glass, be careful when cleaning it. Pull your fridge out a little if need be.


Finally, there are multiple ways you can maximize refrigerator space. With a little bit of creativity and cleverness, you can create a beautiful and well organized fridge for your entire household to enjoy. We hope this article was helpful for you. If you need any other new ideas, feel free to check out our other articles or share this with someone you know. Happy organizing!

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