Is There a Right Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances

Is there a right time to buy kitchen appliances? The answer, like many things in life, is “it depends.” It […]

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Is there a right time to buy kitchen appliances? The answer, like many things in life, is “it depends.” It depends on when you want them and what type of prices you can get at that time. With these thoughts in mind, it’s not too hard to determine when the best time might be for you.

This blog post will traverse some of the different factors when deciding when to purchase your next set of kitchen appliances so that you can make up your mind as to when they are most appropriate for your situation!



The first thing that needs to be analyzed is when you want them. If you’re in haste and need to get something, now might be the best time. If you want a good deal and know when sales are coming up, waiting for that could work out well. But if you’re able to see when appliances come at a discount – like on Black Friday or some other holiday sale event where they’ve been marked down for one day only – then this could be the best time to buy them.

The second thing that needs to be considered is when prices are at their most competitive levels. Again, it depends on when you want them and when they’re going for their lowest price, so it’s hard to say what would work out best in every situation. Maybe there will never come when prices are as intense for appliances as they were in 2005.

The third thing that needs to be analyzed is when the appliance brands go on sale – like when companies want to clear out inventory before a new year starts or just because it’s their turn to do so. This can be an excellent time if you know when this usually happens.



The fourth thing to consider when deciding when to buy your next set of kitchen appliances is when you’re going on vacation and need stuff for guests in the meantime or if that appliance just broke down, so it needs replacing ASAP! These are very different scenarios, but considering them together should help give a clearer picture of when might be right for you.

Best times to buy appliances

Holidays and holiday weekends

Some people wait for the traditional holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to purchase their appliances, but there are other times of the year when you can save a lot on your purchases too. For example, most kitchen appliance manufacturers offer sales on three-day-weekend holidays such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day and the following national observances:

One of the most prominent times when retailers offer discounts on kitchen appliances is over Memorial Day weekend. This includes Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and President’s Day.



The right time to buy kitchen appliances is when they are being offered at a holiday sale. Holiday sales will provide you with between 30% and 50% off prices for your desired devices, making it a chance not to be missed. If Black Friday is coming up and you’re probably wondering if now is the time to buy your new kitchen appliances. Home Depot has a 40% off sale this week, but other retailers are offering special deals too! Best Buy’s promotion includes a $200 gift card when you purchase two or more select Samsung appliances before November 19th.

Right before the announcement of a new model

When it comes to kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, the cost of new models will generally be at its highest right when the manufacturer releases a new product. One of your best opportunities to save money on household appliances is if you buy after the initial announcement has been out for a bit so that customers have time to see how good or bad the machine is. Consider a scenario in which someone purchased a PlayStation 4 as soon as it was released. They probably paid more for their console than someone who just bought one last week.

When a newer model is about to be released for an appliance, retailers often give keen bargains on the previous and floor models.

At the end of the month

Some retailers and appliance salespeople have monthly quotas. If the store needs you to buy an appliance more than is necessary for your cooking needs, you are in a good position. You have leverage over the retailer or salesperson as you’re not interested in buying anything that they are selling beyond your immediate need.

If you are purchasing from a local retailer, you can ask for a discount! The worst they can say is “no.” If the answer is “no,” there’s always a different option.

Certain months

The best time to buy kitchen appliances is at the end of September, October, November, or December. This is when appliance makers release new models, and retailers offer deals on older kitchen appliances.

Refrigerators are a bit different, though. Makers of that kitchen appliance tend to release new models in the spring, so that’s typically an excellent time to buy a fridge. May is also Maytag month when retailers offer rebates and savings on Maytag appliances.

Small kitchen appliances

When is the most competitive time to buy a new microwave, blender, toaster oven, coffee maker, or juicer for your kitchen, do your research and purchase at the right time? You can save 20% to 30% off the list price.

Here are the most common signs that a dying appliance is nearing end-of-life

  • Microwave: The unit will emit gas or rubber smells, is noisy on high-speed settings, emits sparks or smoke
  • Blender: You hear a grinding or whirring sound when you turn it on
  • Toaster oven: If the appliance is not powering on, smoking, or making an unusual noise, there may be a problem with the power supply.
  • Coffee maker: The unit doesn’t generate any heat for this model
  • Juicer: The unit does not work. The team works but does not extract the juice.

The best times to buy kitchen appliances are November and December. When stores inventory last year’s models, they often offer them at a discount because new models will be arriving soon.

A quick tip: Don’t just go on budget when you are making these purchases. Consider the size, power, convenience, and fashion of the appliances you need to see which ones will work in your kitchen. You can check out our guide for more ideas!

Seasonal appliances

If you’re thinking of purchasing a high-priced appliance for your home, it may make sense to wait until the low season for that particular appliance. During these times of the year, stores are often looking to clear their inventory and offer savings from $100-$200 on expensive items such as refrigerators.

How to know when they’re dying

  • You need a new air conditioner if your home is not excellent or the unit is more than ten years old.
  • When it comes to space heaters, they have a limited lifespan and need new coils every 10-15 years.
  • Gas grills: inconsistent flame, igniter button doesn’t create heat

When to buy it

  • When you’re contemplating buying an air conditioner or heater, it is best to wait for either the spring or fall. During these seasons, many companies are experiencing customers skipping their heating units and instead of using more a/c units as home temperatures cool down.
  • Gas grills: September and October. Stores will start to mark down their prices on gas grills as the summertime passes, for example, during significant holiday sales like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Look at your local appliance stores for advertised gas grill sales.

The best time to buy appliances online

Shopping online for appliances has both benefits and drawbacks, such as the ability to get price comparisons in a matter of minutes while you can’t physically see the product. Whether you buy your appliance online or in person, make sure that you are particular about your purchase before committing so that it doesn’t waste any of your time (or money).

Quick tips for buying appliances

Negotiate – Don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal. Appliances, like cars and houses, change prices often. Bring in an advertisement from one of its competitors and see if they will match or give you a lower price than advertised.

Arrive during the week instead of a weekend, when businesses are packed. On a weekday, you’re more likely to get good service, which can put you in a better position to do some price negotiating.



Shop during weekdays: You can find the perfect deal by showing up at a store during its weekday hours. Stores are less crowded during these times and, as a result, you may be able to negotiate for better prices than what’s offered on weekends.

Shop around significant holidays: Ample stores offer appliance sales during crucial holidays like President’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that you will experience larger crowds then, but you might find the best prices.

Worst times to buy appliances

When you are ready to modernize your kitchen, it can be tempting the buy the newest — and sometimes most expensive — models. However, it is never a great idea to purchase an appliance immediately following its market première in light of Consumer Reports’s analysis, which found that prices for the latest models were highest through the first 6 months of a year when many people are buying new appliances to upgrade their homes. In the home appliance market, prices are at their highest when an item is first introduced. The demand drops as Black Friday approaches and ultimately reaches a low point near Christmas. When purchasing any of these items for your kitchen, we recommend waiting until fall to invest in one.

It also might be tempting to purchase a new appliance before you need it. However, this is often a mistake. The best time to get a good deal on a device is when you are ready for an upgrade! If your fridge or dishwasher is about to kick the bucket and you’re not prepared to take the plunge, don’t wait. Bottom line: unless you plan to purchase a replacement appliance in time for a sale, you won’t be able to count on finding good deals. That’s why it makes sense to equip yourself with as much knowledge going into this type of investment as possible.

The bottom line is

Always do specific research before buying anything for the home. Sometimes when we need a new appliance, it isn’t easy to know whether now is an excellent time to purchase or book an installation date.

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