Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

When it comes to having kitchen appliances, one of the things you might find difficult to do is store them […]

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When it comes to having kitchen appliances, one of the things you might find difficult to do is store them where they are not an eyesore. For example, you may run out of space if you have an air fryer, waffle maker, espresso machine, blender, etc. Also, some people have small kitchens with little to no storage and need help figuring out what to do. 

If that is the case for you, then you are not alone. However, you do not have to fear as we have many solutions to the problems you might be facing! In a nutshell, here are some clever ways to do so:

  • Utilize kitchen island space
  • Invest in a baker’s rack
  • Make a hutch specifically for appliances
  • Add a built-in pantry
  • Use bottom drawers
  • Build a coffee nook
  • Use the corner cabinet for small appliances
  • Install a roller door
  • Add shelf risers
  • Store infrequently used appliances up high
  • Group items by task
  • Install a pop-up mixer
  • Have some pull-out shelves on hand
  • Make an open-shelf pantry for practicality

In this article, we will go over exactly how to utilize these options so you can create the best-organized space possible. After all, if you know exactly where your items are, it would be much easier to grab them and put them back. This is especially true if you start utilizing the space you have.

What Are the Best Ways to Store Kitchen Appliances?

There are multiple ways to store kitchen appliances, but the creative ones are the best! Do not be afraid to do something that will make your life easier and faster. However, we have devised 14 different ways to help you get started.

1. Utilize Kitchen Island Space

If you have a kitchen island, one of the best ways to store your kitchen appliances is by utilizing its space. Some islands have shelves, whereas other islands have open shelving. Make sure to tuck away small appliances inside the cabinets or where it makes the most sense. For example, keep your microwave, toaster, and mixer on an island. Doing so allows you to have more counter space.

2. Invest in a Baker’s Rack

Baker’s racks are not just for storing your baking utensils but can be utilized for more storage space. Something else to consider is putting your heavy appliances on there, like the air fryer, toaster oven, or mixer. If you have a small kitchen but want more counter space, it is also an excellent way to make a tea or coffee nook. 

3. Get in a Hutch Specifically for Appliances

This could also be an excellent investment if you have the budget and space to get a hutch. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing inside your kitchen, but it will also provide a lot of space for many of your small appliances. You can store your Dutch oven and cast iron skillets if you have more room. 

4. Add a Built-in Pantry

Pantries are not just used for storing food, but you can use them for cleaning supplies (like mops, brooms, etc.), aprons, drinks, and more. Not only that, but if your pantry has any empty shelving or space on the top or bottom, make do with those areas. All you will need is a stool to retrieve said items unless if you are tall, of course! 

5. Use Bottom Drawers

Suppose you have a lot of heavy kitchen appliances. In that case, make sure to utilize the bottom drawers. That way, they are easily accessible. If you have drawers that pull out, that is a bonus, as you will not have to dig around for one specific item inside a deep drawer.

6. Build a Coffee Nook

Although you can make a coffee nook with a baker’s rack or something similar, you can also build a coffee nook to put everything in one place. For example, if you like making espresso alongside your coffee, putting everything in one place allows you to be highly organized. On top of this, make sure your mugs are easily accessible as well. 

7. Use the Corner Cabinet for Small Appliances

The corner cabinet can be tricky to use, especially for storing things. It is incredibly awkward at times, but not for small appliances! Not only that, but if you have a corner drawer below, utilizing that spot is the best. Now you do not have to worry about reaching in the back for anything. If you wish to make it better, add a lazy Susan inside. 

8. Install a Roller Door

Roller doors might be considered “old school,” but they are an excellent way of keeping kitchen appliances and other items out of sight. If you are someone who forgets you have said appliance, it might be a good idea to label the area so you remember. 

9. Add Shelf Risers

Suppose you have large cabinets or drawers, and things are cramped. In that case, we recommend adding shelf risers to utilize the space. Use the bottom cabinets to store appliances not used daily (like the slow cooker) while increasing the ones you use throughout the week. 

10. Store Infrequently Used Appliances up High

For those appliances you do not use frequently, store it way up high. For example, if you have cabinets that go up to the ceiling, it is wise to store those appliances up top where they are out of sight. All you need is a stepping stool to get whatever it is. Another example is storing them up high in your pantry.  

11. Group Items by Task

Organizing your home might be difficult, especially if you have many items. However, grouping your appliances by task is one of your best decisions. Not only will you save time, but knowing everything you need is right in one place gives you a good feeling. 

For example, if you have a toaster oven and microwave, they act similarly, so it is wise to find a spot for them. Another example is to put baked goods in one spot. Place the food blender on the bottom shelf while putting the mixing bowls above. 

12. Install a Pop-up Mixer

A mixer can be complex to lift from one place to another, especially if it is relatively heavy, like a KitchenAid. In that case, consider installing a pop-up mixer. Pull out the shelf when needed and put it back once you are finished using them. It provides more counterspace and makes it easier to lift heavy appliances when baking time occurs. 

13. Have Some Pull-Out Shelves on Hand

Instead of going inside a cabinet and digging for your things, install some pullout shelving to make the job much easier. Not only will it be more convenient for you, but you will not have to worry about anything getting on top of each other and creating a cluttered mess. 

14. Make an Open-Shelf Pantry for Practicality

Lastly, consider making an open-shelf pantry to keep things practical. For example, you can create a U-shape inside the pantry with adjustable shelving to create more space in your kitchen. Doing so allows storage space for appliances of any height. 


To summarize everything, there are many ways you can store your kitchen appliances that do not make your kitchen look tacky or cluttered. We encourage you to get creative with it and not be afraid to think outside of the box! Think about what you have and how much space you have in your kitchen. Afterward, work around all those factors, and you will have a neat and organized kitchen in no time!

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