How Big Should A Charcuterie Board Be?

When deciding just how big your charcuterie board should be, you need to consider the number of individuals who will […]

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When deciding just how big your charcuterie board should be, you need to consider the number of individuals who will undoubtedly be consuming it. A single person can quickly ruin a full-sized charcuterie board on their own, so if you are the only one that will be eating yours after that, you don’t need to bother with how much space is on your table. If there are two of you eating at the same time, nevertheless, I would recommend obtaining a medium-sized charcuterie board and splitting it in half.

Charcuterie boards are trending. If you haven’t constructed one yet, it’s time to have a party and invite your loved ones, yet tell them to come hungry. If you’re unfamiliar with charcuterie boards, don’t worry. We have the answers. Keep reviewing to discover more.

With charcuterie boards, the only restrictions are your spending plan, your creative imagination, and your offered space. Your charcuterie board’s size will be established by the variety of visitors you expect, the range of food you wish to consist of, as well as the area you have for display.

Let’s look at the basics of charcuterie boards. These details will certainly help you recognize just how to intend your platter much better, whether you are building one for an evening with a couple of friends or an important official event.

Charcuterie Board Building 101:

If you are not knowledgeable about charcuterie boards, the possibilities are you might not be sure exactly how to pronounce the term correctly. No worry. It is noticeable Shaar-Ku-tur-ree. If you require to hear it, click here.

Now that you can state it let’s discover just how to develop one. Typically, charcuterie is a centuries-old French technique used by butchers that refers to dry-cured meats. Just recently, it has advanced right into modern food plates offered at gatherings of all kinds. There are no rules or limitations when developing a charcuterie board.

Nonetheless, you do need to consider the size of your visitor list and their food choices. This will figure out the size of your board. If the room is restricted, you may need to construct numerous boards instead of just one. Also, remember much more is not always better. You wish to have an excellent selection, yet a lot of choices can become frustrating for visitors.

How Much Food?

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You wish to ensure that you have adequate food on your board to please your visitors. No person desires their visitors to leave a party starving. The treated meat is the most significant resource of protein and also should be the starting point. Every little thing else needs to enhance your healed meat selections. See to it you have lots of bread.

You wish to prepare 5 oz of meat per person on your board if the board is your primary food for the event. Nonetheless, if your board is an appetizer before a larger dish, 2 oz of meat each is sufficient. Utilize the very same rule of thumb for the cheeses. As soon as your core is set out, surround with bread, complementing cheeses, relishes, as well as dressings.

Variety Of Food

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The opportunities are unlimited; however, commonly, charcuterie boards were essential and consisted of treated meats, challenging and soft cheeses, bread, and herb-seasoned oil. Modern boards are a lot more comprehensive and consist of biscuits, dips, jams, marinaded items, olives, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

This, however, is only the start of the iceberg. Be sure to consider your guest checklist and make holiday accommodations and adjustments for special diets and food allergies.

If you are hosting a more extensive gathering, you may even pick to have greater than one board. For example, the primary charcuterie board would be full of meats, cheeses, bread, and relishes. After that, consider having separate accompanying boards, one with fruits and an additional one with vegetables– each with different dips to accompany. Finally, you can include a variety of cheeses on every board.

And, of course, a dessert board with a range of pleasant deals. Assume items like candies, delicious chocolate chips, marshmallows, crackers, cookies, brownies, and graham biscuits, to name just a couple of choices.

Charcuterie Board Size

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Charcuterie boards are readily available in a selection of sizes and shapes. Custom boards can be made in any dimension or shape that you want. Whatever shapes and size you choose, think about storage space choices and exactly how typically you may utilize it.

If you intend to construct charcuterie boards often, chances are you will end up possessing a variety of boards ranging from small to big with varying forms. This might be more affordable and give you much more imaginative flexibility than relying upon one board to wait.

You may select a charcuterie board established that includes every little thing you require for simplicity and convenience. The board layout is a template to assist you in placing your items. The serving tools and bowl neatly store in a cabinet beneath the board so you can get rid of the hunt and spend your time focused on organizing your committee.

Why Are Charcuterie Boards So Popular?

Charcuterie boards are preferred because they are enjoyable, simple, gorgeous, and also allow’s, not neglect, scrumptious. They are an expression of the host’s imagination, similar to an edible item of artwork. It is frequently stated that individuals eat initially with their eyes. A charcuterie board offers an excellent instance of a visually pleasing food arrangement for guests to delight in.

Many individuals are getting a rate of interest in the traditional art of charcuterie and learning exactly how to dry treatment their meats completely. Meat curing was a typical technique of necessity before refrigeration, made food storage space simpler. What much better means to display your effort and conservation abilities than to build a platter loaded with your very own goods and feed it to your enjoyed ones.

What Is The Best Wood For A Charcuterie Board?

There are numerous boards readily available for purchase. Nevertheless, not all are matched to be charcuterie boards. We are right here to assist you in understanding the difference between right and wrong timbers.

Non-porous timbers are best for charcuterie boards. The closed pores do not absorb stains and odours as conveniently as other woods and withstand germs much better. Suitable woods can be found in various colours and grain patterns, so you can easily pick one that fits your individual preference.

© Photo by Laker from Pexels

Best Woods For A Charcuterie Board


Tough maple

Black walnut

American cherry




You wish to prevent porous timbers with soft pores that hold microorganisms and soak up the odours from the foods served on them. These properties will ultimately make your board unsuitable for usage.

Woods To Avoid For Charcuterie Boards









Other than black walnut and walnut.

Timber is not the only product suitable for a charcuterie board. Rock boards are also available. If a rock board is your preference, marble and slate are suggested. Plastic is not a natural material and needs to be prevented.

Do You Oil Charcuterie Boards?

Charcuterie boards require appropriate like stay in top condition for duplicated usage. Oiling your board is the very best protection. The oil fills the timber fibres making it difficult for anything else to penetrate them. It additionally maintains the panel from warping.

It is recommended to make use of food-grade hemp, flax, or mineral oil. Stay clear of utilizing olive or mineral oils, which can leave an unpleasant odour on your board with time.

For added security, include a food-grade wax like beeswax to the surface area of your board after the oil to develop a seal that will make your board more resistant and easier to clean up.+.

Is it possible to use a charcuterie board as a cutting board?

You can utilize your charcuterie board as a cutting board. Some boards are designed, so one side is for offering, and the other side is for cutting. This could be a handy choice while constructing abroad to avoid making use of several products. Chop everything on one side, tidy it, turn it and after that, develop your masterpiece.

Nonetheless, if you prepare to purchase a large charcuterie board, it might not be sensible to utilize it regularly as a cutting board. You would more than likely still need to purchase a smaller cutting board for simple objectives.


Even though timber has anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties, you still want to take care when doing the same board as a charcuterie board and a cutting board. Additionally, you do not intend to take the chance of cross-contamination from any type of raw food such as meat.

The grain positioning of some timber boards creates self-healing properties; however, take care with very sharp knives. You do not wish to harm the look of your stunning board with cut marks.


Charcuterie boards are a terrific means to share your creative thinking and please the fits of hunger of your guests. The possibilities are limited just by your very own guidelines. Use your imagination and develop something delicious.

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